How to Walk Through Life Like a Force of Stability & Confidence

Confident Man

Every new year is an opportunity to leave something behind that has outstayed its welcome and start again with a fresh attitude and a newfound confidence. Every day is a chance to come one step closer to creating the life you aspire to live and become the version of you that is waiting to come out.

A self-assured man knows there will likely be obstacles on his path, but he moves persistently forward anyway. He is balanced, aware of his limits and capabilities, stands in his integrity, and is honest with himself.

But being a stable and confident man doesn’t typically happen naturally; it comes through self-reflection, healing, and deep inner work.

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8 Ways to Be a Stable, Confident Man

A man who is dedicated to his growth is a man who draws good things his way. He is using every day to build up his confidence and strength, and he works actively to become the man he wants to be.

Here are some character-bossing tips that can help you feel more stable and confident…

Get to the Gym 

Our state of mind is directly connected to the state of our body. Practicing physical perseverance and extending yourself to test your physical strength builds muscle, but most importantly, it builds character.

Knowing that you have successfully completed a set of exercises awakens a true sense of accomplishment. And of course, the effects of physical activity make us feel good in our skin, which further boosts our self-esteem in the long run.

Confidence Crystal

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Set Goals That Are Slightly Outside of Your Comfort Zone 

It is by gathering the courage to step outside of our comfort zone that we truly learn what we can and can’t do. When you aim high, you create an opportunity for growth.

Make it a commitment and a promise to yourself to keep pushing the boundaries of what you believe you are capable of. Overcoming a challenge that you already know can be overcome ensures stability, but successfully overcoming a challenge that feels like a reach empowers and takes your confidence to a next level. 

Release the Need to be Perfect

Releasing the need to be perfect is essential for creating a healthy mentality that is geared towards progress. Perfection is unrealistic, untreatable, and unattainable, and a confident man accepts that. 

Pushing your limits in a way that matches realistic expectations of what can and can’t be achieved is the key to growth. Expecting perfection creates unnecessary pressure and sabotages that growth. 

Stability in Life

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Laugh at Yourself

What is more confident than a man who acknowledges and handles his mistakes maturely? Seeing mishaps as a chance for improvement is a way to get out of the ego and step into personal empowerment. Being able to laugh it off is a sign of strength, integrity, and character.

A man who is comfortable in his skin accepts himself as he is, and sees mistakes as lessons, rather than failure or incompetence.

Reduce the Negativity in Your Life 

Saying no is empowering. Setting clear boundaries and rejecting anything that hinders your personal development is a sign of healthy assertiveness and firmness of attitude. Being able to cut ties with any type of negativity can be a difficult task, but it can also help you feel more grounded and secure in yourself.

To step into your power as a confident man, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is draining your energy and taking away from your sense of stability?
  • How would releasing negative thoughts and people from your life improve your wellbeing?

Dress to Match the Way You Want to Feel 

How would the man you aim to be carry himself? Defining your style and investing in clothes that make you feel good is as essential as investing in spiritual growth. Personal style is a reflection of divine masculine authenticity and it’s a way to display who you are to those who don’t know you.

Most importantly, dress to match the way you want to feel and be perceived. It will not only make you feel great about yourself but will also help you attract that version of yourself into your life.

Wear Confidence Crystals

Need some support in your life? Have you tried wearing stones for confidence and stability? If not yet, you might want to check out our Happiness & Confidence Collection for Men.

There are several stones that are especially potent when it comes to self-work and unblocking personal power, such as… 



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Citrine activates the solar plexus chakra. Its healing properties will help you rediscover your inner flame, activate your drive for achievement, and help you be the confident man you want to be.

As a crystal of joy and abundance, it will eliminate the negative energy that’s been staling your growth, allowing you to step into a more positive, empowered mindset and take the lead role in your life.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli for Men

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Need some clarity to move forward? Lapis Lazuli is a confidence crystal that will help you with that task. A stone of illumination and truth, Lapis Lazuli will help you speak your truth with confidence, authority, and integrity. When things get unstable, it will help you derive wisdom from harsh lessons and see your experiences as an advancement of consciousness.



Pyrite is undeniably one of the biggest prosperity-attracting stones there are. The energy of Pyrite will instantly empower and motivate you, urging you to step into the opportunities that are presented to you bravely and confidently. It will help you act strategically and maturely and feel proud of the goods and talents you have to offer the world. It blends the energy of fire and earth, evoking the volcano of power inside you.

Gain Stability in Life With These Stones

Inner strength and a true feeling of groundedness can be forged in the most unexpected ways. Healing stones can help you embrace and practice your resilience, raise your vibration, and step into the world as the confident man that you are.

Browse our Strength & Stability Collection for Men to find the jewelry piece that works for you. It includes the following stones:



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There is no better stone to help you get back to earth and become centered than Hematite. In times of uncertainty, it will help you stay poised and balanced and create a sense of stability in life. Its stabilizing influence can both empower and solidify, clearing the path to success and abundance that you deserve.

Lava Stone

Lava Stone

Need to get in touch with your inner strength? Lava stones are known for their calming ability, but they are also powerful confidence boosters. A confident man relies on himself and believes that every experience offers an opportunity for growth. Lava stones will help clear self-doubt, eliminate limiting beliefs and behaviors, and replace them with a sense of true inner security and stability. 


Jasper stones bring harmony and balance to even the most chaotic situations. Embracing your journey starts with releasing what is old, and firmly, boldly stepping into the unknown. Jasper will give you the perseverance and the determination that you need so that you can actively move towards the life you’ve envisioned.

Confidence for Men

Final Thoughts

Remember, a confident man isn’t flawless. He accepts himself as he authentically is but is always geared towards growth and self-betterment. He strives to be a better man, not only for others but most importantly, for himself. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Men’s Confidence Collection!

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