Fall Fashion Trends & The Power of Red

Red for Fall Fashion

Just when you think the fashion world has done it all, and they have, you wonder what could be next? Well, they have merged the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s altogether, mixed in a little of the unbelievable and unimaginable. Kind of how grandma mixed all the leftovers in the refrigerator the day before grocery shopping, some call that goulash, you could call the fashion of Fall 2017 goulash.

Power Comes In Red

The official power color for Fall 1027 is red. We will see it from Givenchy in their sleek coats and Tod’s monochromatic looks. This color is going to hit the streets in 2017 so if red hasn’t been your color, better start rethinking that. And when you’re missing red from your closet, top it off with bold, red stones on the ears, necks, and wrists.

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Furs with A Vintage Inspiration

Last season, fur had to make a statement, but for Fall 2017, it’s all about basics with the fur. Gone are the frills and here are the classics from J.W. Anderson, Yeezy, and others.

The Boots Are Made For Styling, Not Walking

The boot trend for Fall 2017 is shiny and sparkling. A must have for the wardrobe is a pair of white boots or a pair of go-go boots from Chanel.

Wild, Wild West Has Arrived For Fall 2017

Fall 2017 season will bring us cowboy-inspired looks with Calvin Klein leading the pack with the debut collection of Raf Simons. And it won’t be the old-timey styles either but modern trendy steel-toed boots, cowhide print, leather vests, and kitschy cacti.

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Plaid Isn’t Grungy Now

The 90s grunge plaid is replaced with the 70s bright plaid, making a statement with versatile prints on Prada’s classic coats, Jenny Packham formal gowns, and Tome’s pants.  

Top It All Off With A Hat

Brimmed caps are making a comeback along with bucket hats and the beanie look is out. Coach 1941, Maison Margiela, and Marc Jacobs are giving us vintage textiles like fur to top off our Fall 2017 wardrobe.

We’re also going to see leisure suits return, Victorian collars, and the broad shoulders of the 80s. Celine, Michael Kors, and Stella McCartney are making outerwear a dream come true with material that doesn’t wrinkle. Fishnet is coming back and not with denim, but feminine dresses that look like the vintage material your aunt’s sofa is covered in. Middies are back in what is called mid-length skirts by Beckham, Dior, and Loewe and paired with button-up details on the slits. 

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Fall Fashion Trends & The Power of Red
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