Ocean Blues of the Gemstone World - 9 Blue Crystals to Fill the Spirit with Peace

Blue gemstones and crystals

Blue is a color that brings immediate peace to one’s mind. It brings thought to the calming powers of the ocean and the curious, ethereal mysteries of the sky. Blue gemstones and crystals give us that same sense of serenity, which is why they are always in demand. People have worn blue stones and crystals for many, many years now, and there is a large variety of them available. Some are well-known and beloved stones, while others are rare and less known in the world. Blue gemstones are particularly special, because the color blue is associated with good fortune, holiness, wisdom, and virtue. By wearing or owning these jewels, one is able to harness these powerful characteristics. 

Be it in the form of rings, necklaces, or earrings, a blue gemstone is the perfect accent piece to any look. Light blue crystals, as well as black blue crystals gemstones, are exceptionally dazzling and rare. Gemstones are adored by people from all around the world and are known for their beauty, as well as their powers. Blue healing crystals, in particular, come with a number of healing properties. These healing properties include extra luck in life, protection from harm, and boosted self-confidence. If blue crystals and their many powers intrigue you, then read on to find out more! We will dive deep into the 9 most beautiful blue crystals in the world, covering their names, uses, histories, and more. The top 9 Blue Dazzlers are given below...

1. Blue Sapphire

The blue sapphire stone is one of the most beautiful and most expensive gemstones on the market. Blue sapphire is of the corundum variety and is an aluminum oxide mineral. Aside from its gorgeous and well-known blue variety,  this stone also comes in shades of white and pink gemstones crystals. The blue color of the sapphire is created due to its geological make-up of  titanium and iron. 

The spiritual meaning of blue sapphire signifies loyalty, which is why it is commonly used as gifts and engagement rings. The naturally radiant blue sapphire stone is known to protect one against any sort of negative energy. Moreover, it is known to calm and clear one's mind. It also has a connection to romance and can be used to enhance one’s self-expression and self-confidence. 

These stones help one in becoming more responsible and aware regarding their thoughts, as well as feelings. On top of this, the sapphire is known to enhance one's wisdom. The sapphire promises to open any blockage in one's life. It ensures a healthy and balanced life, and it allows one to openly communicate their ideas, emotions, and thoughts.

The blue sapphire’s allure does not come at a low price. The stone is rather rare and high-end, which is why it is a bit expensive compared to other stones on the market. In order to care for this stone, it should be cleaned regularly and handled with love. Also you can always choose some of color brown crystals gemstones.

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2. Aquamarine

Aquamarine stones come in different shades of blue and green crystals gemstones. However, the blue aquamarine crystal is the variety most widely adored. The gem is extremely cooling and has a unique, celestial energy. The name of the aquamarine birthstone comes from Latin, ‘aqua marinus’, which means water of the sea. This name refers to its ocean-like color. Just by looking at the stone, one feels as if they have dipped into the refreshing ocean waters. The transparent, pale blue gemstone is a part of the Beryl family. Its distinctive color is caused by the iron oxides that make up the stone. 

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When it comes to aquamarine healing properties, it helps one to trust themselves and lose any self-doubt. The aquamarine gemstone also reminds its wearer that whatever is happening in the present moment is right for their growth and development as a soul. It encourages faith in the universe’s grand plan. The stone assists in living a life of  harmony. Aquamarine is the prized birthstone of March jewelry collection.

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Aquamarine comes with a large array of benefits. The benefits this stone provides are mental, physical, and spiritual. For example, aquamarine helps one overcome the fear of public speaking, and is used by many teachers to build confidence in front of the classroom. Aquamarine crystals are used for different therapies as well, such as cleansing one's emotional body and regulating growth and hormones. Other benefits of aquamarine include treating sinus conditions, as well as frequent coughing. The gemstone is also quite effective against fevers and chronic allergies. The gemstone is believed to treat several skin conditions and can help relieve sore and tired eyes. You can also see our collection of color gray crystals gemstones.

3. Tanzanite

The tanzanite stone belongs to the mineral family called zoisite, and was previously known as blue zoisite. However, it was renamed by the Tiffany & Co jewelers and is now known by its familiar name, tanzanite. The tanzanite birthstone is known to be the stone of transformation. It is also one of the birthstones of December.

This precious stone is found only in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. Loaded with high vibrations and positive energy, this stone is helpful in meditation. It is said to provide the wearer with divine healing. 

The tanzanite healing properties are exceptional. It helps one connect with the world, explore the opportunities that are awaiting us, and make our lives richer in experience. People believe that tanzanite is powerful enough to stimulate and balance three of the seven chakras: the throat, the crown, and the third eye. This rare quality, means that this stone can activate one’s psychic abilities.

Tanzanite gemstone also helps one in times of transformation. It can assist one in getting rid of any old or toxic patterns, making room for good energy to flow in. Moreover, it helps one prepare for a new chapter of life that is much more rewarding than before. It heals each person at the level with which they require at the time. Also you can always choose some of color red crystals gemstones.

4. Topaz

The blue topaz crystal is the birthstone of November, and one of the most beloved gemstones in the world. The blue topaz stone is made of a rare silicate material, which is responsible for its unique and gorgeous appeal. The blue topaz properties include it being ranked as an 8 on the Mohs Hardness scale, which is very impressive. As for the significance of blue topaz, it has been used for years as the celebratory stone of a couple's 16th wedding anniversary. 

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The November birthstone, blue topaz, has a long and interesting history as well. It was first found by the Romans on an island that the Greeks called Topazios, in the middle of the Red Sea. The topaz stone was used by different tribes in the area and was believed to treat a variety of illnesses. It was also said that blue topaz could break any curses or spells, because it was believed to be stronger than any magic. 

The blue topaz meaning is clarity. It allows one to channel their inner wisdom and find the way that will lead to success. The blue topaz birthstone clears the path for successful opportunities to present themselves. People who wear this gemstone will learn to embrace their true selves, trust their innate power, and find hope for the future.

5. Opal

Next up, is the blue opal. This stone is the birthstone for the month of October. It is also known to be a celebratory stone for a couple's 14th wedding anniversary. Its opalescent beauty, along with its numerous benefits, makes this a very popular stone. The meaning of opal is 'precious stone', and has been derived from the Sanskrit, ‘upala’. In Greek, it means to see a change of color. The blue opal stone was known as the symbol of assurance during ancient times. Moreover, it was associated with emotional and religious prayer.

Opal stone was also known to be a physical healer, as it was said to be a cure for different eye diseases. People believed that if they wore it as an amulet, it would shield them from any eye diseases. It was also said to improve and strengthen one’s vision. The blue opal helps with the chest and respiratory system as well. 

The blue opal meaning is of hope, purity, and healing. It promises to bring clarity to a worried mind. It also helps with supplying new and fresh energy when needed most. Opal helps with lightening one's emotional weight and creates a better sense of balance and harmony in one's life. It gives one the strength needed to look deep inside, rather than shying away from the darkness. You can also see our collection of powerful color purple gemstones crystals.

6. Grandidierite

Grandidierite is an iron magnesium silicate mineral. Its blue variety can be found when there is more iron within the deposit. The blue grandidierite stone was discovered by Alfred Grandidier on the cliffs of Andrahomana in the year 1902. 

The blue grandidierite is known and admired for its amazing healing properties. For instance, this powerful stone can help to lead one towards a moral and virtuous life. It also vows to heal one’s body, by keeping them free of stress, anxiety, and depression. The blue grandidierite birthstone brings a sense of joy to one’s life and absorbs any negativity or sadness. 

Blue grandidierite gives one the willpower needed to work towards and achieve their goals in life. The stone is also known for preventing laziness and procrastination. It assists one in leading a healthy lifestyle and doing what is best for one’s higher good. It has a strong power to aid in decision-making and will always lead one towards the best choice. Also you can always choose some of color yellow crystals gemstones

7. Blue Akoya Pearls

The blue akoya pearls have a Japanese background. This pearl is known as Japan's world-class gem. It is said to carry extraordinary power, as well as exceptional gloss and radiant coloring. In Japan, the blue akoya is worn during special ceremonies and functions. It is worn as adornments, including rings, necklaces, broaches, and more. 

The blue akoya pearl gemstone jewelry also has physical healing properties. It is commonly processed into medicine and is known to remove bad energy. 

The pearl helps one to live a life of honesty and truth. It helps one gain better self-awareness and a deeper understanding of themselves. This particular pearl has been loved since ancient times. It is also known as the moonstone in Japan.

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8. Labradorite

The labradorite stone received its unusual name because it was first found in Labrador - a Canadian province on the Isle of Paul. Due to its glowing and color-changing ways, the Inuits used to call this stone the 'fire stone'. In powdered form, labradorite was used to cure certain ailments. Labradorite is a well-known spiritual stone, as it is helpful for connecting with the divine and boosting psychic abilities

Labradorite is a powerful healer. It gives the user the energy they need to heal, while also helping the body function at an optimal rate. The Labradorite gemstone jewelry is known to be one of the most powerful protectors in the metaphysical world. The Labradorite gemstone is believed to create a protective shield for auras and defend one against the negativity of the world in which we live.

9. Spinel

One of the rarest blue gemstones in the world is said to be the blue spinel. This gemstones can come in a variety of unique colors; however, the blue one truly stands out from all the rest. The meaning of its name comes from the word, ‘spines’, which is derived from the Latin word ‘spina’. The blue spinel stone is believed to be a stone of revitalization, making it the perfect stone for any workaholic or anyone feeling overwhelmed. Karma and Luck use machine learning research to make this imformation make move.

Spinel stone is known for releasing one's stress, anxiety, and depression. It also helps give an energetic boost to anyone dealing with low energy levels. The blue spinel gem is known for inspiring and filling one’s life with hope. It gives the wearer the power and strength they need to deal with any challenges they meet. You can also see our collection of color orange gemstones crystals.

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Which Blue Beauty Caught Your Eye?

With their brilliant looks and their seemingly endless list of beneficial powers, blue crystals are a treasure to the world. Whether worn as jewelry or used as decoration in the home, blue crystals add a sense of peaceful, loving energy to the air. Take advantage of the healing properties these stones have to offer by adding a piece to your collection. Check out our website to browse our large collection of high-quality, authentic blue crystals and gemstones.

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