The Hematite Stone

The Amber StoneThe hematite stone is believed to provide spiritual powers that keep one with the Earth. It is looked like a silver cord that allows you to travel the world safely. It allows you to learn things from those travels that you can you use in your everyday life.

It is said to provide steadiness to the owner of a hematite stone. And can be placed throughout a room or along a property at the corners to place a protective spiritual crystal grid. 

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The Lore and Tidbits of the Hematite Stone 

Hematite is Latin and means “Bloodstone” and when it is discovered in its natural state, you can see why it has that name. Much of hematite has a red, rusty look because the iron oxide ore showing through.

However, today, we see hematite in a polished form of silvery gray-black. hematite, so the name bloodstone seems strange.

Its hardness measures at 5 to 6 Mohs and is an opaque black, gray, silvery-gray-black, or red color. It has an earthy, metallic luster about it and can be found all around the globe.

The red ochre variety of hematite was used in ancient times as a permanent coloring for spiritual drawings and other spiritual uses as well as in medicine.

Hematite Stone

Emotional and Mental Properties

Hematite is believed to provide one with a mental organization by providing a calming and grounding aura around the owner. With this calm and grounded aura, the owner has an increase in original thoughts, logical thinking, such as that needed in mathematics.

For the person need to improve their significant mental organization skills, a hematite stone is said to be beneficial.

When carrying, or wearing hematite stone, negativity is decreased, allowing the body and mind to balance and connect. s negativity.  Your self-esteem is boosted and your meridians are balanced, all to make you more self-confident.

Hematite bracelet

Physical Healing Properties

Hematite is said to correct blood disorders, cool the body, relieve insomnia, stress, and ease the nerves. Many have claimed to have their spine aligned because of hematite and Reynaud's Syndrome cured. It is said to heal broken bones, relieve anxiety and more. The post The Hematite Stone appeared first on Karma and Luck. Start Your Journey Here: Browse Our Luck, Success and Intention Jewelry Collections

The Hematite Stone

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