The Healing Benefits That Crystals & Stones Provide

Healing Crystals

Good health, harmony, love, peace, and prosperity. These are the things that most would say define a beautiful life. And the things which can prevent us from having a beautiful life are bad health, stress, and unfound love. Perhaps those from ancient Greece knew that these things could come from crystals and stones.

Using crystals and rocks for healing has been used since ancient Greece daily. The Druids practiced and spread the word of the aura and power was inside them. They believed they balanced the energy and provided healing powers.  Today, many names we use for minerals are from Greek origin.

Such as the word crystal which is derived from krustallos, the Greek word meaning of ice. And the word amethyst, which in Greek means preventing drunkenness. The belief was that if one drank their wine from an amethyst cup, they would be protected from getting drunk. Hematite and invincibility were associated with ancient Greek beliefs, mythology, and philosophy.

The Greeks weren’t the only ones who followed in crystal healing. Around the world, there were the healing powers of crystals were used by the Egyptians with jade and the Chinese with emerald and jade. In the Arizona desert, quartz is believed to be a “programmable” healing stone which absorbs and transmits healing energy.

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How Are Crystals And Stones Used?

The placement of specific crystals are stone to various parts of the body is a technique for alternative healing. They placed so they correspond to the chakras based on colors associated with them. It is believed they balance our system and restore free energy so that it flows through each chakra.


The Beliefs of Doctors and Scientists

The doctors and scientists of today see the use of healing crystals and stones as pseudoscience. However, for the most part, it is agreed by all that it is the emotional and mental state of a patient that influences either the healing process or the lack of healing, is what matters.

With that being said what matter is if a person feels they can be healed with a crystal or a stone versus a pill or surgery?  If a patient agrees to be cured in any manner, then healing will happen because the mind provides an equal part. A treatment, regardless of what type a patient chooses, will only be as successful as patient beliefs in the ability. 

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  • Kasey Millington

    Thanks for the information!!

  • Taylor Hansen

    It’s good to know that crystals can be used to balance a body’s system. My brother has been wanting to get me crystals to help with my energy and mental health for my birthday. I’ll be sure to keep this in mind before consenting to any alternative healing processes.