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The Clear Quartz Stone is more of a clear quartz ‘crystal’ than a stone, but regardless of how you label it, it is one of the Earth’s most common crystal types. And they aren’t really ‘clear’ either. You may find clear quartz stones in a cloudy, milky, almost opaque colors and usually in a hexagonal shape, although they are found in other configurations and shapes too.

Also referred to as rock crystals, their metaphysical properties are brilliant and have a strong vibration. These two features make them easy to program. With the dominant mineral being silicon, they are located all around the world on every continent and used in a variety of ways.

Where Does The Clear Quartz Stone Come From?

As we said, the Clear Quartz Stone is found all around the world on every continent, but there are more beautiful specimens in some parts than others. Such as those found in the state of Arkansas here in America or those found in Brazil or Madagascar are said to be the best. In these areas, the quartz material is clearer and found in several formations.

The vibrations of this stone vary depending on where they are found, embodied of the area. It occurs in different formations and different hexagonal structures. The different formations have explicit names so they are recognized easier. Those with a high vibration are used for healing purposes, which we will review here.

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The Uses Of The Clear Quartz Stone

Clear Quartz Stones are quite common, but some have a higher vibration than others. They echo within the 8th chakra and are frequently referred to as the soul star chakra, the complex transpersonal chakra.

Our connection to the Divine Mind is found through this beautiful clear white light. Use of this stone can assist in connecting with the spirit.  A strong resonance is created with these crystals within third eye chakra as well as the physical body’s highest chakra, the crown chakra, which connects us to the soul star chakra, which is situated above the head in the etheric body.

By possessing or wearing this stone, your communication becomes clearer and your thoughts will be amplified. This stone has a positive effect on all chakras by protecting the aura and expanding the human energy field. While this stone is frequently thought of as one of the higher chakras of all chakra stones, it aids all chakras.

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When You Wear This Stone

This stone is common in jewelry, frequently sold as rock crystal jewelry, like that of a quartz crystal pendant, and is thought to be a strong aid in one’s personal healing. Because of its high vibration and is easily programmed, it has positive affirmations that make it helpful in many ways, dependent on how it is programmed.

You can reach higher spirits easier when using clear quarts while practicing a crystal meditation, usually by wearing it on a pendant.  It is the birthstone for the month of April, thus making it easy to find the stone in jewelry.

The Healing Powers Of This Stone

The physical ailments and issues that the Clear Quartz Stone can help are Aids/HIV, burns, heartburn, kidney, and thyroid. It strengthens the immune system which helps for healing after surgery. It has been known to ease a toothache, help vertigo and give a person more vitality. The post The Clear Quartz Stone appeared first on Karma and Luck. 

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