The Aventurine Stone

Known as the “Stone of Opportunity”, the aventurine stone is thought to be perhaps the luckiest of all crystals. It is said to manifest prosperity, wealth, and to increase one’s chances to win competitions or games. Because of the winning energy, when going the first date, a job interview, even scheduled for a tax audit, simply having it nearby is beneficial.

Not only will this beautiful stone attract good fortune or good luck, but it is also believed that it aligns the conditions that make opportunity inevitable. The green aventurine stone releases us from old disappointments, habits, and patterns, allowing new growth to take place.

A person that holds or wears the aventurine stone will have brighter optimism and increase their zest for life. They will have an increase in their confidence so they can embrace change. They will have enhanced creativity and motivation, and reinforce their decisiveness. These are the attributes that amplify leadership qualities.

Appearance Of The Aventurine Stone

Another variety of Quartz that is characterized by the bright presence of Mica and other minerals, giving it a glistening or shimmering effect, earning it the term “aventurescence”. This appearance is most notable when the stone has been polished or tumbled.

The name is of Italian derivation, meaning “by chance,” which is a reference to the Italian glass made by accident in the 1700s when a worked dropped metal filings into melting glass. After the accidental mixture had cooled, the erratically spaced iridescent sparkles made it a pleasing stone for jewelry.

While the most common color of aventurine is green, it also comes in different forms of blue, dusty purple, red to reddish-brown, orange to peach coloring. It is also found in silver gray and yellow. The stone is mostly translucent and will often have banding. Some pieces appear more opaque if it has an overabundance of other minerals.

Within the Quartz, there are Fushite particles creating the green color of the aventurine. The different brown, orange, and reds are attributed to inclusions of Goethite or Hematite. There are Mica crystals found in the peach and yellow colors and the Pyrite found in the Mica crystals give it a blue color.

The Uses and Purpose of The Aventurine Stone  

The Earth and the green aventurine hold a strong connection as does the device kingdom to the stone. This provides one with an appreciation and better understanding of nature. It is said to provide soothing vibrations upon the body and mind. It has been found that by wearing the aventurine stone, it will absorb environmental pollution such as smog.

The aventurine stone has been used to stimulate a premature infant’s physical growth. It has also been found to increase the intellectual development and overall vitality of children who struggle with their schoolwork or have destructive hyperactivity. Adults are assisted in their computer work and for anyone, it aids in overcoming clumsiness.

An elixir can be made from the aventurine stone by soaking a fragment of it in demineralized water overnight. It has proven to be highly beneficial in fighting eczema, juvenile acne, rosacea, and other skin problems. The stone has been known to sooth brutal or quick-tempers. The aventurine stone has helped those in their mature years of life find love by adding it to a Heart Chakra layout.


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