Jade’s Healing and Spiritual Powers


At a time when the healing and mystical properties of Jade are trending online, it is interesting to explore eastern philosophy and another musing about the power of semi-precious stones. In fact, the popular Karma and Luck website explain how Jade is linked to “attracting friendship and good luck,” while being a sign of purity and serenity. There are many fans of this company that offers the best natural stone jewelry products online.

Another aspect of using semi-precious stones is linked to ancient eastern philosophy views about how metaphysical and even supernatural forces are influenced by wearing green Jade natural stone jewelry. In general, Jade is a very hard stone that is typically green in color. This ornamental rock is composed of rare “silicate minerals.”

Healing Jade

This gem form of the “Jadeite” mineral is considered to be a precious stone because it is difficult to find and prized by fans of this beautiful ornamental rock that is stilled mined in regions of China and the Far East. Moreover, the online Etymology Dictionary states that classic “Jadeite” for carving purposes is as hard as quartz. Jade has been carved and hand-crafted for centuries because fans appreciated its alluring colors and natural beauty.

The popular varieties of Jade include:

– Mutton fat Jade, as it is known in China, is prized for his creamy white form and variety of green colors.

– Nephrite is a “softer” type of Jade, while Jadeite is a much harder variety. Both Nephrite and Jadeite are traced to prehistoric periods in human history when this stone was commonly used for carving tools, weapons and ornamental creations that people wore for good luck and other blessings, states the Etymology Dictionary.

– Quetzal Jade is bright green and found in Guatemala. This type is a legend for “attracting lots and lots of good luck!”

In general, the use of Jade is linked to the rise of mankind; while such things as Jade pendants, statues, and even daggers are now exhibited at top national museums worldwide. The famed Louvre Museum in Paris features one of the largest exhibitions of Jade in the world.

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Jade for good luck

There are many reasons why Jade fans enjoy wearing hand-crafted creations made from this precious stone. For instance, there is documentation at the Louvre and other museums about people wearing Jade creations for centuries and centuries as their best means of attracting good luck. The greenish stone is also reputed to cure various illnesses; while there are fans online who claim that Jade has healed their kidney woes because the word “Jade” is derived from the Latin word for kidney.

At the same time, the legend about Jade bringing both good luck and healing to those who wear this precious stone are legion in world history records. In fact, there is a popular Jade exhibit in Hawaii that is titled “The Power of Jade” because ancient and modern precious stone experts view it as something that “attracts happiness,” while also boosting the life force and power of those who wear it.

There are Jade pendants, bracelets, earrings, crosses, pins and just about anything that can be carved from this rare stone to adorn the wearer. While it may seem a stretch to say that Jade can protect one’s health or ward off disaster, there are many online testimonials that claim so and so “walked away from a terrible accident,” or “she was protected from evil because she wore Jade.”

Overall, the consensus is Jade is the real deal when it comes to attracting good luck and even love.


Ornamental stones with power

The popular national museum in Beijing, China, features this famed ornamental stone as having the “greenest of green color,” while natural Jadeite has been found in the rare colors such as lavender, pink and blue. Still, it is Jade’s classic emerald green color that still beckons fans to use it for personal and home decorative uses; while the cost of Jade now prohibits this stone from being used for tools and weapons. Thus, it is Jade in the form of personal items to wear that is most popular with those desiring this ornamental stone’s special “good luck” powers.

According to ancient legends, all that is needed for attracting good luck is to wear Jade “near one’s body.”

A great time to buy jade

Overall, there has never been a better time to purchase classic Jade items online at the user-friendly Karma and Luck jewelry website. The site features great looking creations that are reasonably priced for all budgets. A nice Jade ring or bracelet is considered priceless because of “all the luck it brings me,” stated a fan sharing their joy on a social networking site. The Jade fan said she wants to use Jade to “attract good fortune.”

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