3 Yellow Crystals to Super-Charge Your Life with Positivity

3 Yellow Crystals To Super-Charge Your Life With Positivity

When we think of the color yellow, we associate it with warmth, happiness, and optimism. A range of gemstones, from diamonds to citrine to garnets, are available in various shades of yellow. Yellow diamonds are long-lasting in terms of quality and value, and they are widely used in jewelry. However, there are a plethora of other yellow gemstones available at an affordable price point as well.

They vary in shades of  light butter yellow to rich, warm hues. Citrine, sapphire, topaz, tourmaline, and transparent opal are the yellow gemstones that are most commonly found on the marketplace; sapphire being the most readily available. Other gemstones include yellow andradite garnet, spessartine garnet, mali garnet, beryl, sphene, zircon, spodumene, and transparent variants of labradorite and orthoclase feldspar. Chrysoberyl, sphalerite, apatite, and prehnite are all examples of yellow gems that are less common and tend to have higher price tags.

The solar plexus chakra is associated with the color yellow. This chakra has an impact on one’s self-confidence and vitality. It encourages one to accept personal responsibility and follow their true life path. With its physical placement in the center of the body, this chakra has a significant role to play in one's everyday well-being. Therefore, wearing yellow gemstones and crystals can help heal issues surrounding self-esteem and self-confidence, and can bring about a fresh and attractive energy in the wearer's aura.

Yellow Gemstone Significance

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Yellow Gemstone Significance 

The color yellow is the most vibrant of all the colors of the rainbow. Yellow is the color of many things that bring happiness - sunflowers, tulips, daffodils, bananas, lemons, mangoes, sunlight, fall leaves, and sandy beaches. In ancient civilizations such as the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman empires, yellow gemstones were linked with the life-giving power of the sun. Yellow is an optimistic and renewing color, from a psychological standpoint, bringing with it the energy of the sun and a confident, youthful vigor. Yellow has been shown to stimulate the left hemisphere of the brain, which is associated with concentration and rapid decision-making.

Yellow gemstones are famously known for their ability to unblock the solar plexus chakra and stimulate confidence, optimism, happiness, good health, warmth, creativity, and increased energy levels. It also helps combat vices such as cowardice, betrayal, and jealousy.

If this sounds interesting, continue reading this article to learn about the amazing healing properties of some of the most famous yellow gemstones!

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3 Healing With Yellow Stones

Color is evaluated by gemologists based on three factors: hue, tone, and saturation. In order for yellow gemstones to be considered, the primary color should be yellow. Yellow is the most valuable color, but secondary colors may be present in some of the most costly stones. Green, orange, and/or brown are the secondary colors seen in yellow stones. Secondary green tints are often considered unpleasant. However, if they are only faint, they might give the stone a slightly "neon" appearance. Orange secondary colors are often preferred above other colors. Colors that are commonly referred to as "golden" have subtle orange undertones, for example.

As yellow diamonds have a paler tone than other colored stones, any flaws in the gem are more obviously noted. When  it comes to yellow gems, greater clarity grades are more necessary than when it comes to the other colored stones. Significantly large or black markings are particularly undesirable, because they have the biggest impact on the appearance of the stone. 

Some jewels are simply more durable than others. All of these yellow gemstones have a Mohs hardness grade of at least 6.5, making them extremely resistant to scratches and dents. If these gems are accidentally dropped or hit against a table, they are unlikely to be broken or damaged. As a result, they make wonderful stones for rings and other items of jewelry that people can wear every day.

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#1 Citrine

Citrine, the November birthstone, is by far the most popular yellow gemstone and  accounts for over half of all yellow gemstone sales. This form of quartz ranges in color from yellow to orange or brown, and because of the abundance of quartz in the Earth's crust, it is a low-cost alternative to consider. Nevertheless, this material is a long-lasting stone perfect for jewelry. Naturally colored citrines are quite rare, but can be transformed into a brilliant yellow-orange by heating the smokey quartz. As an added bonus, irradiation and heat treatment can transform colorless quartz into brilliant lemon quartz.

Healing properties and significance of Citrine

It is said that citrine possesses solar energy, due to the fact that its colors are similar to that of the sun. It is an excellent crystal for treating both emotional and physical problems. Citrine stones with their bright colors, elicit ideas of warmth, sunlight, and brilliance. For that reason, the stones have been symbols of love, positivity, and happiness for hundreds of years. 

According to legend, the stone can assist its bearer in boosting emotional well-being. It is also believed that citrine stones can promote a more positive and lively flow of energy throughout the body and throughout the environment. The physical healing benefits of citrine include the improvement of digestion and the strengthening of muscular endurance.

These stones were utilized by healers in ancient times to cleanse the body of impurities, enhance blood circulation, and strengthen the immune system, among other things. Aside from that, the stone was believed to have medicinal properties and was used to protect against venomous snakes.

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#2 Yellow Diamond

Diamonds are most commonly associated with being white or colorless, with a dazzling and glittering polish; however they may also be found in a variety of colors. Colored diamonds are among the most costly and rare of all gemstones, yet the yellow version is by far the most common of colored diamonds. In addition to the fire and brilliance that have made these diamonds so popular, yellow diamonds have a delightful sunny 'twinkle' that makes them even more desirable. Yellow diamonds are a dynamic gemstone that possesses all of the sunny, spiritual properties of other yellow gemstones, as well as the fearsome strength of the diamond.

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Healing properties and significance of Yellow Diamonds

The yellow diamond's pure light, aids in the harmonization of our lives. It instills love and clarity in relationships and strengthens bonds. It symbolizes constancy and dedication, and it encourages trust in relationships and situations. It accumulates energy and attracts the  manifestation of abundance. Yellow diamond is known as a powerhouse of energy. It is a stone that never has to be recharged. It will provide strength and endurance, as well as enhance the power of other crystals. However, be aware that this means it will enhance both positive and negative energy! It is excellent for shielding against electromagnetic stress and cell phone radiation.

Fearlessness, invincibility, and fortitude are qualities that this type of diamond bestows. It alleviates emotional and mental suffering, reduces fear, and ushers in fresh beginnings; encouraging originality, creativity, inventiveness, and imagination. It also promotes mental clarity and awareness. The yellow diamond allows the light of the soul to show through and promotes spiritual growth. It cleanses and detoxifies the entire body - resetting the metabolism, increasing stamina and strength, and healing allergies and chronic illnesses. It also relieves glaucoma and improves vision. Furthermore, it successfully relieves vertigo and dizziness, while also benefiting brain function.

#3 Amber

Amber was formerly tree sap and is known for collecting insects and other small organisms. It took about 30 million years for this biological jewel to form into what we see today. The most desirable hues are deep yellows, and they are slightly more expensive than other ambers. Despite this, amber is an extremely affordable gemstone. It is rarely found in large sizes.

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Healing properties and significance of Amber

Over the course of history, an amber stone has been shown as a drop of the sun, tears of the gods, solidified honey, and many other mystical representations. It is regarded as a stone of protection, as well as a talisman for regeneration. It is regarded as a potent healing instrument that is tied to ancestors, past lives, and karma.

Amber is often shaped like a tear, and is therefore said to help in mending loss, melancholy, depression, and anxiety. It is effective in the treatment of tooth pain, neck discomfort, stomach difficulties, infections, and rheumatism, among other conditions.

For its ability to absorb negative energy and vibrations from the body, the amber stone is regarded as a powerful natural purifier. It is used to stimulate regeneration and healing of soft tissue, as well as for detoxification, heart problems, arthritis, headaches, and other pain-related issues. Amber's negative energy-absorbing and pain-absorbing properties enable it to deliver a balancing and healing energy to the organs. It is an excellent stone for the healing of the spleen, bladder, liver, stomach, and gallbladder.

Amber is used to bring emotions back into balance, as well as provide stability and tranquility to the spirit. Its pleasant energy is warm and spontaneous, and it brings sunshine and light into one's daily life. This stone may help to alleviate depression and suicidal inclinations by instilling a sense of security and trust.

Wearing amber jewelry will provide one with protection against psychic attacks, and will give them a sense of safety and security. It is a tremendous source of personal support through times of sadness and loss. During difficult circumstances, this bright gem will assist one in finding a way forward.

Wearing amber jewelry will provide the wearer with the motivation required to achieve any goal. By stimulating the brain and infusing happiness into one’s life, they will be able to express themselves and their creativity more freely and openly.

Your Very Own Piece of Sunshine

Harness the bright and sunny vibes of yellow gemstones and feel the positive warmth flow into your life. In order to reap the full benefits of the yellow gemstone of your choice, it is advised to  wear it at all times so it can slowly work its magic and transform your life. So, which yellow gemstone will you choose? Look through our website today to explore the many vibrant options on offer.


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