11 of The Most Precious Brown Gemstones & Crystals

Brown Gemstones & Crystals

Brown may not be the first color that comes to mind when thinking of gemstone jewelry. Usually, gems are associated with vibrancy, sparkle, and a rainbow of colors, however, brown is now beginning to take center stage. As more people search for non-traditional jewelry, these rare gems are becoming increasingly popular and in-demand.

Brown is a bold choice; it is eye-catching and unusual, making the wearer stand out from the rest. With their mellow and earthy appearance, these gems can range in hue from light to dark, and come in varieties of opaque and translucent. From a symbolic standpoint, this nurturing color represents friendliness, warmth, simplicity, nature, and health. With their gender neutral look, these gems can be adorned by men or women. 

Interested in the secret world of brown crystals? Read on to discover eleven of the most beloved brown crystals.

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11 Brown Crystals to Ground and Relax

#1 Brown Diamond

The most prevalent of the colored variety of natural diamonds is brown. Irradiation treatment, nickel impurities, and lattice flaws are all possible causes for the distinct brown color; the latter is the most common, especially in pure diamonds.

Brown diamonds, as with any stone, holds its own unique set of powerful properties. Brown diamonds are thought to improve the wearer's energy, as well as promote mental clarity. When worn, it is thought to provide spiritually uplifting experiences and may even aid in the development of a more open mind. These beautiful brown diamonds are said to have the power to remove energy blockages, giving one a lighter and more sunny disposition.

As a variety of diamond, the brown diamond is a precious stone. However, being one of the most common of all the diamonds makes this stone a more affordable option.

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#2 Chocolate Opal 

This gem-quality precious stone has a glossy shine and an exceptionally high brightness. It has exquisite illuminance and exhibits various patterns within its body. Chocolate opal is a nodular kind of volcanic opal that can be found in volcanic ash. Despite their softness and fragility, chocolate opals are frequently utilized in cabochon gem rings.

As they signify a certain degree of masculinity, opals are one of the favorite stones of gentlemen. Pendants, earrings, brooches, and pins made with chocolate opal are popular jewelry choices for this stone.

The enigmatic, powerful, and expressive qualities of the rare chocolate opal are believed to inspire visions and stimulate original, vibrant creativity. It also promotes mental peace, serenity, and greater self-awareness, allowing for more insight and intuition.

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#3 Brown Tourmaline 

Tourmaline, also known as dravite or the rainbow gemstone, comes in a wide range of colors, including brown. This brown variety of tourmaline is quite a rare gemstone and may be hard to find in jewelry stores. Secondary colors, such as pinkish or purple, can improve the appearance of brown tourmalines. The most expensive of these stones are dark, bright, and deeply saturated with enhanced clarity and brilliance. 

Brown tourmalines are flaming, transparent stones used in a wide range of jewelry designs. Brown tourmaline, or dravite, is a sodium magnesium stone that belongs to the extensive tourmaline family.

It comes in various colors, from dark brown to light brown-yellow, and has semi-translucent crystals that resemble smoky quartz. Brown tourmaline is ideal for earrings, pendants, and rings because its beauty and sparkle is enhanced when it catches the light.

It is a powerful grounding stone that increases energy, life force, and defensive energies. When we regularly work with or wear brown tourmaline, our root and heart chakras are able to grow open and become activated. This stone encourages emotions and feelings to flow freely through the body, allowing you to work through them and let them go.

This stone will help you relax and unwind. It encourages us to fully immerse ourselves in the physical realm, reminding us to keep a pure and open heart. It is also a very defensive stone for your aura, and acts as a shield between you and other people's energy.

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#4 Brown Fire Agate 

Brown agate, also known as "Botswana Agate", is regarded as a royal agate stone. It is extracted and loved for its aesthetic value and scarcity. The majority of brown agate gemstones mined nowadays come from Botswana. These stones have beautiful layers and patterns and are often found in shades of white, black, gray, and occasionally salmon or pink.

Brown agate is a variety of chalcedony, owing to its many layers of color and distinct banding. The layers of agate are formed when lava flows slowly over the stone, and places layers of quartz one on top of the other.

The strata formation is caused by the lava's temperature, pressure, and weight. On top of its unique patterns and layers, the brown agate has a toughness of 6 to 7 on the Mohs scale. Gray, light brown, light gray, and white are standard secondary colors seen in brown agate.

Brown agate has been used for carvings, jewelry, talismans, and amulets throughout history. It is a soothing and protective stone, and its gentle energy aids those who are feeling lonely, mourning over a loss, going through difficult circumstances, or who are dealing with a past harm. This stone's calm vibration is ideal for meditation.

Although this stone vibrates lower than other gemstones, its energy can fortify and stabilize. Brown agate is known to be one of the most powerful stones for balancing emotions and increasing mental and physical vigor. This stone is beneficial for addressing the primary causes of sickness and getting to the root of the problem.

It is frequently used to treat melancholy, stress, and sexual dysfunction, and it also detoxifies the body and enhances the power of the immune system. Individuals looking to become more detailed or seeking new adventures, would be wise to utilize this stone. Excellent for energizing the crown chakra, brown agate is said to bring prosperity, fortune, and abundance into life.

#5 Brown Topaz 

Topaz is derived from the Sanskrit word, tapas, which means "fire". Although brown topaz may not be the most famous topaz variety, it does have its own unique appeal and allure. Topaz is a beautiful stone that is generally faceted to emphasize its brilliance.

Brown topaz reflects light in a dazzling way and appears fiery and vibrant when cut into ovals, marquis, round, baguettes, and square forms. Brown topaz is a highly durable stone, making it ideal for a variety of jewelry, and can even be used for rings. The majority of topaz available on the market is inclusion-free.

Topaz calms, heals, inspires, energizes, reinvigorates, and aligns the body's meridians, directing energy to where it is most needed. It promotes an open and forgiving nature. Topaz is a stone associated with joy, generosity, abundance, and good health.

It is said to be a stone of love and fortune, and also promotes relaxation and relieves tension. Topaz encourages self-awareness and self-control, as well as openness and honesty in the wearer. It makes problem-solving and expressing ideas easier.

Topaz aids in a physical manner by improving digestion and curing eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. It boosts the metabolism and strengthens the neurons.

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#6 Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's eye is an opaque, golden-brown type of fibrous quartz. It is prized for its chatoyancy, or  its cat's eye look. Parallel inclusions which reflect light beams generate this optical phenomenon. Tiger's eye stones are frequently cut as cabochons to best display this visual illusion. It is mined commercially in numerous locations throughout the world, but is most frequently discovered in Southern Africa and Thailand.

Tiger's eye is known to be a protective gem that can also bring good fortune to the bearer. It can focus the mind and improve mental clarity. It provides support in solving problems, so that we can look at situations objectively and without the influence of emotions. It is an ideal stone for treating psychosomatic disorders, as well as removing fear and anxiety.

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#7 Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany obsidian is a form of obsidian that contains hematite or magnetite inclusions, giving it a reddish-brownish appearance. Obsidian is a type of volcanic glass that forms naturally as an igneous and metamorphic rock. It can often be found in abundance anywhere there is volcanic activity.

Mahogany obsidian increases development, sexuality, power, creativity, emotional intelligence, and security by activating our lower three chakras. This grounding stone helps to put concepts and opinions into practice for the sole goal of personal development. It helps us to break free from our own internal constraints that prevent us from progressing along our life path.

Mahogany obsidian eradicates any hesitations that are preventing you from reaching your goals in life. When you finally break through a barrier, you will discover that everything is possible if only you are prepared to take the chance. Mahogany obsidian helps to reawaken and increase all of the creative talent that has been left dormant.

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#8 Brown Citrine 

Citrine is a popular brown gemstone. It has a golden color, a crystalline sheen, and is very translucent. Brown citrine is frequently faceted to enhance its brilliance. Citrines have excellent clarity and minimal obvious impurities, making them ideal for center jewels, particularly in rings.

Citrine is a kind of quartz that ranges from yellow to brownish-red in color. It is commonly used as a gem in jewelry, and is the most popular quartz gem after amethyst. Interestingly, the majority of citrine is created by heating purple amethyst.

Citrine is a famous gemstone, and high-quality jewelry made with this gem is easy to find. It is also a relatively less expensive option. This stone is durable and can be worn and cherished for quite a long time. Citrine's therapeutic benefits include aiding in digestion and boosting endurance on a physical level. Healers employed these stones to cleanse the body of impurities, enhance blood circulation, and increase the immune system in ancient times.

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#9 Andalusite 

Andalusite is a rare and beloved gemstone. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, including chiastolite, which has a natural cross-pattern. Andalusite is a clear to milky gem that got its name from the Spanish province of Andalusia, where it was first discovered. The gem is a polymorphic of two gemstone variants: sillimanite and kyanite, which are both extremely popular. Their chemical make-up is the same, but their crystal structure is different.

Andalusite is a seeing stone that encourages self-realization by assisting with the rebalancing and re-alignment of the soul. This stone aids in removing difficulties and emotional barriers, as well as putting the wearer in the direction of possible solutions. It is believed to be a protection stone, and is said to keep evil at bay.

#10 Brown Smoky Quartz 

One of the most common brown stones used in jewelry is smoky quartz. It is a relatively low-cost option that is widely used and purchased. Smoky quartz is a brown quartz variation that ranges from a light smoky brown to a deep black. The most sought-after of the brown hues range from medium to brilliant, however, this is simply personal opinion.

The majority of smoky quartz is colorless to transparent, has a vitreous sheen, and has few to no obvious imperfections. It is ideal for fashion pieces, as well as costume jewelry, because it comes in enormous sizes at a reasonable price. Most smoky quartz is multifaceted and has a lot of sparkles. This gemstone appears waxy and smooth when cut as a cabochon. Smoky quartz is utilized in various forms of jewelry due to its high hardness rating of 7. 

Smokey quartz is an excellent grounding stone and holds a variety of other healing powers. To name a few, it gently filters and neutralizes negative vibrations on all levels, improves digestion, and protects against radioactivity and electromagnetic pollution.

Smokey quartz heals sadness and negativity while also dispelling fear. It brings emotional tranquility, which in turn relieves tension and anxiety. This stone of positivity can bring your dreams to life and banish any nightmares. Smokey quartz is also believed to aid in concentration and communication.

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#11 Cat's Eye Apatite

Similar to the tiger's eye, the cat's eye apatite is recognized for its chatoyancy. The cat's eye effect, due to the flaws in the stone, may be seen  through the middle of the stone when viewed under direct light. Cat's eye apatite is most commonly cut into cabochons to emphasize the cat's eye look.

Before purchasing a cat's eye apatite, always check the quality and effectiveness of the chatoyancy. Cat's eye apatite is available in various colors, with brown being the most prevalent. Inclusions are typical in these gemstones, and eye-clean variants are uncommon. The softness of a cat's eye apatite makes it not the best option for most types of jewelry. 

This stone can assist in the restoration of physical health and well-being that has been lost due to disease, unhealthy lifestyles, abuse, despair, and other factors. It is also thought to have anti-cancer properties. The gemstone can cure anorexia and loss of appetite.

The root chakra, which represents anchoring and nourishing, is related to brown gemstones. With this root chakra connection, it assists in grounding, caring, and grieving. It also boosts endurance and stamina.

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Which Brown Gemstone Will You Choose?

Serving as a reminder of the power of the natural world, brown gemstones emit an earthy, nurturing, and grounded vibe. Step outside of the “norm”, and jump into the growing trend of brown gems. These stones hold a variety of powerful healing abilities that will make the wearer feel safe and always at ease.

As an added bonus, these gems are exceptionally beautiful. They add a unique touch to any outfit and are perfect for those looking to make a fashion statement. With their understated charm, these gems radiate class and elegance. Want your own brown gemstone? Check out our website to find the perfect brown beauty for you!

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