Do You Know Your True Personality? It’s In Your Astrological Sun Sign

Astrological Sun Sign

We’re all intrigued by our astrology sign, but what most people don’t know is that their Sun Sign dictates their personality.

Astrologists say your Sun Sign shows what you want, and the moon reveals what you need.

While we are all still working hard to figure out what is going to happen, and getting our footing while living in rather crazy times, it most certainly can affect your attitude and well being, thereby also your personality. 

With the planets aligning, past issues you may have thought are gone, may resurface and need to be resolved, so you can free yourself from the past and explore your future fully conscious and ready.

It may sound gloomy, but trust us, it is fabulous and you can rock once you read this article.

Now, let’s explore your “true” personality according to your birth chart and provide some foresight, so you don’t have to say “you know, in hindsight.”

Aries: The Chariot

As an Aries, you never have a problem standing up for yourself or telling people how you feel. The issue is, you don’t do it from your heart, you do it from your head. You’re going to feel a lot of changes if you haven’t already started in the latter part of 2020.

This is to push you out of your comfort zone and create better opportunities for yourself over the next few months. 

Do: Start a journal (corny, we know, and effective) about how you are feeling about your current job, home life, relationships, and pour your heart out.

It is excellent practice to dig into your true personality and learn to live with your heart and not balance it with that constant chatter in your head. It will also enlighten you about the changes you need to make.

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Taurus: The Pope

There are a lot of magnificent opportunities coming for Taureans in. Mostly because your natural personality trait is extremely strong, intelligent and you can assess a situation like nobodies business.

You will continue to navigate these weird times with a clear head and you are famous for putting a plan together and following through. But your personal one on one relationships will and probably are suffering.

Do: It is time for you to flip the switch from work to personal and begin to assess the current relationships you’re in and come to the realization that your “natural” aggressive personality isn’t the only thing you have to offer the people that want to be in your life.

New Year is the year for you to make commitments in your personal relationships and opening up to trust the process. Ease up on controlling your environment and learn to enjoy the people who enjoy you.

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Gemini: The Moon

Beautiful twins, ruled by the Moon, your naturally boisterous  personality is your personality. Never a dull moment to be had around you and you even tend to go deep into your relationships, trust, and love unconditionally.

But is about bringing out your “real” personality of POWER! It is time to take inventory of your material and spiritual surroundings and what means more. This caterpillar is about to turn into a beautiful butterfly.

Do: Your natural personality trait is powerful. You can figure something out in a few seconds, what may take someone else hours or even days. People look to you for solutions and answers because that is who you are. The problem solver.

About facing your demons and freezing them out of your life once and for all and stepping into your power without fear.

Even to the tune of looking for upper management positions, asking for a raise or starting your own business. The Moon has your back Gemini and it is powerful. Take chances, believe in yourself and make it happen.

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Cancer: The Justice

As a Cancer sun sign, your natural personality trait is all about making sure everyone around you is happy and you just keep going and going. It is time to learn how to create a healthy balance and look after yourself right now.

That goes for both your personal and professional life, it is time to restructure these relationships. It’s time for your true personality to shine. 

Do: Spend time on you right now by pampering yourself and being gentle with your emotions. It’s time to raise your emotional intelligence or EQ up quite a few notches.

While you’re soaking in a hot bath, think about the people that are affecting your life in a negative way, don’t take direct responsibility for their actions and eliminate them once and for all. There are plenty of wonderful souls that can complement your gorgeous personality.

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Leo: The Judgment

Queen and King of the jungle, you rule the world with your personality. You, social creatures, want to roam the lands freely, grab a bite, and enjoy the simple pleasures.

But before you know it, the day has gotten away from you and you’re spinning trying to get things done.

Even at work, time is not your friend. On top of that, 2020 has certainly squished your desire for roaming and that could cause a bit of depression.

DO: Show yourself some compassion right now and think really hard about the question “am I happy at my job and in my relationships.” It may be time for a lifestyle shift and a new routine.

Don’t forget that your true personality loves being a boss, talking, and even telling people what to do, as long as they’re doing it your way.

Write down what job you feel fits your personality put the feelers out there. This way you will feed two birds with one feeder (Leo’s don’t throw stones at birds) by enjoying your time and making an income. 

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Virgo: The Emperor

You may be a bit more sensitive during this transition and sitting at home asking yourself “what am I doing with my life.” Looking toward the direction of your dream job is the way to go and to start, make a list of what that looks like and get quiet for 10 minutes every day while putting out the mantra “what do you have for me Universe.”

Then get to work looking for it and use your amazing Virgo, chatty personality to reach out to people, get on social media and job sites. It is time to know that YOU are self-reliant and if you believe in yourself while working hard, you will reach the moon.

Do: Become mega, mega, mega proactive in your goals. Exercise more and get those endorphins working.

Revamp that resume and get busy. Register for a class or two in whatever you find to be interesting and are ready for this?

Read. Yes, spend some valuable time reading. If you really want to step outside of the box, take some courses on public speaking and practice in front of the mirror. You'll be impressed.

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Libra: The Hermit

Lovely Libra, it is time for your natural personality to shine, but you’re going to have to inside and really create a safe space for self-reflection.

You are the party planners of the world and the hosts with the mosts, but when it gets quiet, you’re looking for around feeling uneasy.

It’s time to build a foundation for yourself and that is by starting with your relationships, home life, and creating a sanctuary, so you can dig deep and find your soul's purpose.

DO: Take a few minutes every day to get quiet, really quiet, and sit very still. Play soothing music and take this time to reflect on what you really want out of life and the people you want to be a part of it. You will be amazed at the answers you will get throughout the day.

Reorganize your space. Find the places in your home that you feel need an upgrade or simply move things around to feel more balanced.

Also important to clean cluttered areas that are driving you nuts. Between your quiet times and home projects, your brilliant brain will guide you, because you are lead by intuition.

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Scorpio: The Magician

Strong Scorpio, you always show your strength from the outside, but inside lay the true voice of who you are and what direction you should be going.

You have a tendency to be WAY too hard on yourself and that is blocking you from being the master of your own Universe and being the dynamic, energetic greatness that is your destiny.

When it comes to relationships, you use your scorpion pinchers, instead of speaking your truth and voicing your opinion. It’s time to tap into that super Scorpio personality.

DO: Practice the art of self-esteem while balancing self-expression, because then you will master the art of self-confidence. Write that down and put it somewhere you will see it every day.

Learn to voice your opinions in an intelligent and articulate manner, instead of taking out those pinchers every time.

Learning to meditate and even yoga is a VERY powerful took for you Scorpio’s. With time, patience, and practice, your entire life will turn around.

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Sagittarius: The Empress

As the “Empress” of all signs, do you know the meaning? The Empress is traditionally associated with maternal influence. She can represent the creation of life, romance, art, or new business. So why be second best at anything, when your true personality is to be a trailblazer and create something out of nothing.

Challenging for you since your freedom is so important to you and we’re still on lockdown for the most part. What do we do?

DO: Understand and value your uniqueness, your ability to make money, and how you’re able to open doors like it’s nobodies business. You’re the Empress, after all, Sagittarius, and you can rule from your throne.

What are you doing with your time? Are you using it wisely? Are you taking care of yourself? Are you communicating with the people in your life? Trust the people you value and open up, especially the ones that mirror your super-duper personality. Check the leaders in your life and pull from their energy. You’ll figure it out.

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Capricorn: The Strength

You’re a strong sign Capricorn. In fact, your title “The Strength” says it all. Of late though, you may feel like you need to get back on track and knock those goals out of the park.

It is in your natural personality to achieve success and you’re feeling stagnant right now.

DO: First and foremost, don’t isolate yourself or retreat and if you already have, then pull yourself together.

Energy will support you in putting your goals together and running after them. You’re a natural hard worker and better yet, a smart worker.

Create a routine, because that is how you function best. Just like you would if you’re going to work every day, get up, shower, hair, a bit of make-up, and create a beautiful workspace for yourself. Things will begin to turn around for you.

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Aquarius: The Sun

Have you heard the song “Aquarius” and “Let The Sunshine In”? If not, then stop right now and get on YouTube. YOU are the sun, the light, the free will, the expression, and the enlightenment.

You live by your feelings and try so hard to live by your head. Well, it won’t work. Your personality is about moving, every day, all day and in every way. This Pandemic has you twisted all ways to Sunday. Suck it up the sunshine, literally.

DO: Is your time to evolve past what you “know” and “think” works for you. There is a wrench in your plans.

It’s time to let go of what no longer works for you and rebuild your foundation. Rethink your plans. Seek out new opportunities and relationships.

You’re a talker and a thinker and in that order. Don’t waste your time trying to switch it around. This is your personality.

See the sun to heal you (with sunblock) and think about your next move. Write it down, pursue it and above else, remember, you are the original flower child wanting to make a difference. Go, be, make.

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Pisces: The Lovers

Hello LOVER. Who’s done you wrong? Is your year to cleanse those feeling, if not even those very people. Buh-Bye! Your Sun sign personality is about love and feeling good. You hate confrontation, so stop looking for it and release it.

Ask yourself “what have I learned from this relationship” because every person we meet affects us, but you take it to another level. It’s time to forgive and raise your vibe and tribe.

DO: It’s time to open yourself to the amazing possibilities that the next few months offer you Pisces. Let’s “forgive” and “forget” and you don’t even have to do it in person.

Write the person's name on a piece of paper, then write down what you learned from that relationship. Close your eyes, envision him/her, and say “I forgive you, thank you.” Crumple up the paper and throw it away. They no longer serve you.

Now you’re ready to manifest all kinds of new and fascinating relationships that will serve your purpose and your future.

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Astrological Sun Sign Final Thought

This article can truly help you discover areas of your personality you didn't realize existed, or you did and didn't understand it. We are all born on specific days, specific times, and specific places. At that exact moment, the planets are aligned in a certain way and much like your DNA, the time you were born is your own footprint on the planet. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Zodiac Collection

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