Birthstones and Zodiac Signs for September: Virgo and Libra

Virgo and LibraBirthstones are gemstones that are linked to a birth month with each having a special meaning attached to historical significance. Birthstones have been popular from ancient times when people attached value and importance to its powers on health, luck, and prosperity and life longevity.

Primarily, every month of the year is linked to a gemstone be it Aries, Virgo, or Gemini. However, there are particular months with more than one birthstone. Unlike in the ancient times, the birthstones attached to certain months in recent times are different.

What is Zodiac Sign in September?

In the past, the colors of birthstones signified health, wealth, luck and prosperity but over recent times, our list of modern gemstone distinguishes a Ruby and Garnet  in a different way. Although the recent and ancient times have a slight difference, each month is linked to a gemstone. Gifts of gemstone jewelry attached to a loved one’s birthstone are popular because of the need to wear warm colors which have a personal importance. You may not be an expert in the birthstone and gemstone fields to understand the ideal gifts to purchase for your loved ones.

What is september's zodiac sign? Having mentioned that, here is a quick look at the characters of Virgo and Libra attached to their birthstones and significance.

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Virgo: Birthstones and Zodiac Signs

The twelve Zodiac signs signify the astrological series of birthstones including the twelve months of the year. This is according to the Gregorian calendar. The birth dates of the Zodiac Virgo lie between August 24th and September 23rd and the immediate birthstone for Virgo is Sapphire.

Virgo is the sixth Zodiac sign out of the twelve signs. What is Virgo birthstone? Although Sapphire is the core birthstone for Virgo, it has alternative birthstones namely:

• Agate
• Zircon
• Carnelian
• Sardonyx

However, this article focuses on the birthstone Agate. The Zodiac signs including Virgo have been used over years to cast horoscopes from astrological perceptions which are used as a guide to human personality, character, corporate affairs, and general relationships.

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What sign is September? Virgo color stone for sale

Virgo signifies the placement in the sky where the sun was positioned at the time of birth. According to the astrological beliefs on the sign of Virgo, the people who were born between August 24th and September 23rd behave the same way.

Hence, the Virgo Zodiac sign is ruled by Mercury, one of the planets in the universe. Mercury rules over the birthstone or gemstone, Sapphire. Ranging from color, character, abilities, and clarity, the Sapphire has its unique characteristics.

According to astrology, the Sapphire birthstone has negative and positive influences on characters. Zodiac features directly correspond to Zircon and Agate.

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Virgo Personality and Characteristics

Understanding the personality of your loved ones and strangers is essential, especially if you want to invite them into your life because you must know them well first. The earth sign of Virgo relates to sensation, practicality, and stability. Virgos are reliable, intelligent, modest and practical.

Virgos are a clear explanation of the statement; still, waters run deep. They are wise, well-spoken with incredible diction but also, quietly introverted. People born between August 24th and September 23th have the following characteristics:

• Modest
• Diligent
• Analytical
• Orderly
• Self-sufficient

All positive traits have the opposite side which is negative. Human beings have imperfections. The negative traits of Virgo people are:
• Money minded, materialistic
• Perfectionists
• Cold
• Critical
• Intolerant

Virgo zodiac sign women's bracelets

Sapphire - September's Zodiac Sign Birthstone

The Blue Sapphire is the gemstone for Virgo, and it is linked to the following characteristics:
• Constance
• Honesty
• Sincerity

The healing properties of the Virgo gemstone are related to efficiency over health issues like cancer, inflammation, burns, and fevers.

Sapphire - September's Zodiac Sign Birthstone

Libra: Birthstones and Zodiac Signs

Libra represents people born between September 24th zodiac and October 23rd. It’s the seventh sign of the Zodiac. The Zodiac Libra signifies life balance with a keen weighing of life’s values and prosperity.

Libra comprehends the importance of balancing the opposites in life. It thrives on individual development on the sense of value and sufficient strength in applying the analytical side of the brain. Libra people depend on thoughtful reflection, weighing and decision-making skills to live through another day.

Libra jewelry

What is septembers zodiac sign?

Libras profile is incredible because the people born under the star of Libra try to make everyone happy. In their effort to impress people, they get hurt because they find it difficult to say no to people pleasing. They eventually retreat to a stressful situation in the search for solutions to their disappointment. Their negativity lies in their indecision. Libras find decision-making a big deal hence; they take longer to close matters. They are well known to be gentle lovers, consistently embracing peace and harmony. Libra signifies cosmic reciprocity, corporation, and teamwork. Libras are:

• Positive minded
• Harmonious
• Peaceful
• Casual
• Social

The negative sides of Libra are:

• Indecisive
• Inpatient
• Timid
• Changeable

Libra zodiac sign women's jewelry

What is Libra birthstone?

They are lovers of art and unity. They are relaxed to the point of upsetting their loved ones. Although they love to be tidy, Libras fear to work too hard and would never do dirty work. They will instead hire a cleaner. The birthstone for Libra is Opal, and its alternative birthstones are:

• Peridot
• Agate
• Aquamarine
• Tourmaline
• Sapphire Virgo stone

The Opal birthstone responds to Peridot, Agate, Sapphire, and Tourmaline. The nature of gifting people with jewelry containing these gifts dates to a thousand years ago. The gemstone Opal, which corresponds to Sapphire, Agate, Peridot, Tourmaline, and Aquamarine, is perceived to control the energies of planet Venus. Venus signifies sympathy and adorning such jewelry contributes to the positive energies of the universe as well as a positive sign through the year. 

Libra zodiac sign men's jewelry

Characteristics of the Opal Birthstone

• Hope
• Purity
• Innocence
• Happiness
• Faithfulness
• Loyalty
• Confidence

The healing properties of Opal and its corresponding gemstones include eye to eye infections aimed at enhancing the healing process.

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Opal Birthstone women's jewelry

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